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Animal Cell Fed Batch Cultivation


Objective: To study the growth & product formation kinetics of selected animal cell under different fed-batch cultivation conditions in bioreactor.


Theory: Basic concepts & need of animal cell cultivation


Batch growth of hybridoma culture features utilization of glucose and glutamine as complementary limiting nutrients for the production of lactate (up-to 35 mM/L) and ammonia (2-5 mM/L) as major inhibitory products. The total accumulation of lactate / ammonia is, however a function of cell type medium components and availability of glucose and oxygen. Economic production of antibodies from animal cells requires high & continued viability of the culture during the entire cultivation process. Depletion of essential biosynthetic nutrients and or/ accumulation of the inhibitory products are mainly responsible for the arrest of metabolic activities &/or early death of the culture thereby leading to high number of nonviable cells. A batch mathematical model of the cultivation will be able to assist in the thorough understanding of the culture behavior particularly with respect to the availability of limiting nutrient and inhibitory products at any time. This will assist in the intelligent design of feeding of disappearing nutrient(s) and /or develop strategies for dilution of high concentrations of inhibitory products in the broth.

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