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About Virtual FPGA Lab

  1. System Overview:

  2. Hardware and Software:
    1. Alpha data Board II
    2. Xilinx ISE 9.2 or higher (not 12.1 or above)
  3. General instructions:
    1. Download the source files from the Procedure tab  in the experiment you want to work.
    2. Run Xilinx ISE software and Create project with device details as Virtex II-xc2v6000-FF1152.
    3. Add the source files ( which you have downloaded, from step 1) to the project .
    4. Make sufficient changes in user_module.vhd and top_module.vhd as per user requirements ( Required to do modifications according to the user requirement, this should be followed in each each and every experiment (i.e from STEP TWO)).
    5. Double click on Synthesize in Process window ( Xlinx ISE).
    6. Double click on Generate the Prgramming file in Process window ( Xlinx ISE), this would be stored in project directory.


Note for more information on using Xilinx ISE go to http://www.xilinx.com/support/sw_manuals/xilinx92/download/



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