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4b : Single Phase VSI with Single PWM

1.     What are the advantages of PWM techniques?

2.     What is the difference between uni-polar SPWM and bi-polar SPWM? Which type is having less harmonic content?

3.     What is effect of increasing frequency modulation ratio mf?

4.     Explain over and under modulation in SPWM?

5.     List some PWM techniques used in 3-ph VSI.

6.     What is the use of connecting high capacitor across the input dc link of the inverter?

7.     Mention the 2 purposes for connecting diode in anti-parallel to the IGBT switch?

8.     What is the difference between the Voltage Source Inverter (VSI) and Current Source Inverter (CSI)?

9.    If one of the devices in a single phase VSI get shorted, how do you think the output waveform will get modified?


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