Queueing Networks Modelling Lab

Queing Networks Modelling Lab

Infinite Capacity Markovian Models
M/M/1, M/M/c and M/M/inf
Finite Capacity Markovian Models
M/M/1/N, M/M/c/N, M/M/c/c
Retrial Markovian Models for Bulk Arrival/Service
Bulk arrival and bulk service with and without retrial
Infinite Capacity Non-Markovian Models
M/G/1, M/G/c, M/G/inf, GI/M/1, GI/M/c, GI/M/inf
Finite Capacity Non-Markovian Models
M/G/1/N, M/G/c/N, M/G/c/c, GI/M/1/N, GI/M/c/N, GI/M/c/c
Non-Markovian Models for Bulk Arrival/Service
Non Markovian bulk arrival and bulk service with and without retrial
Discrete time Experiments
Geo/Geo/1, Geo/Geo/c, Geo/Geo/inf, Geo/Geo/1/N, Geo/Geo/c/N, Geo/Geo/c/c
Simple Tandem Queue
Simple Tandem Queue
Tandem Queue with feedback
Tandem Queue with feedback
Open Queuing Network
Open Queuing network
Closed Queuing Network
Closed Queuing Network
Fluid Queues
Fluid Queues
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